21 Plus

Residential Services

21 Plus is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities. We have group homes and apartments located throughout Toms River, Pine Beach, Clementon, Beachwood, Brick, Voorhees and Manchester, where our residents live full and rich lives. As they learn necessary life skills, our residents discover what the community has to offer and how they can truly enjoy it all. Continuing education, going to church, shopping, working, exercising, spending time with loved ones and going on vacation are all examples of how our residents enjoy their time with us.

Each resident has a unique and individualized plan with goals that they work on throughout the year. They receive support and encouragement from a team of well-trained staff. All of these goals help the person acquire new skills, grow as an individual and fulfill their hopes and dreams. Each resident’s plan is determined by his or her abilities and desires.

While living in our group homes, our residents learn what it takes to be good housemates and model citizens, enhancing life skills such as house maintenance, job training, money management, cooking, socialization and personal awareness. Safety is our top priority and our residents are provided with continual support from our staff. Anyone would be proud to come home to our beautifully-decorated group homes.

21 Plus is an authorized provider through Medicaid FFS. Click here to see if you are eligible for services with no out-of-pocket cost.