21 Plus
21 Plus - Ocean County

Mission Statement

The Foundation’s mission is to generate financial support to enhance the programs and vision of 21 Plus, Inc. while balancing those needs with the long‑term preservation of capital for the future.

Message from the Chairman, 21 Plus Foundation

I am writing to share the inspiring progress and future plans of the 21 Plus Foundation, a beacon of hope dedicated to enhancing the programs and mission of 21 Plus, Inc., while ensuring the long-term preservation of capital for their future. I would like to share exciting news that many of you already know. In 2023, Wendy Lubrecht moved from being our Development Coordinator to our Executive Director. With over 20 years of experience with the 21 Plus organization, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. I appreciate her every day. Established in 2000, the 21 Plus Foundation has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing vital financial support for 21 Plus, Inc. Over the years, the Foundation has played a crucial role in catalyzing growth and development, exemplified by the recent approval of funding for the expansion of a new group home near Camden County in 2023. In addition to supporting physical expansion, the Foundation has taken strides to fortify the operational backbone of 21 Plus, Inc. Funding was allocated for marketing initiatives and employee recruitment and retention. Notably, the Foundation supported a cybersecurity update, aligning the agency with the ever-evolving security landscape. This investment ensures the day-to-day operations maintain the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and availability of agency data. Our recent events, such as the spring cocktail party honoring Rick Askoff and the highly successful Casino Night fundraiser in January 2024, have not only brought our community together but also generated vital resources for our cause. While our second Fall Festival was unfortunately hampered by extreme weather, we remain undeterred and are excited to host a full day golf outing in May, followed by another Fall Festival in September. Stay tuned for further details on these upcoming events. Looking ahead to 2024, the 21 Plus Foundation remains unwavering in its dedication to closely collaborating with 21 Plus, Inc., addressing the evolving needs of individuals receiving services. As we strategically plan for the future, our focus remains on supporting the growth and expansion of 21 Plus, Inc. This is where your support becomes invaluable. There are several ways you can contribute: consider making a donation, volunteering your time to our cause, and include the 21 Plus Foundation in your Will. Every contribution, big or small, plays a vital role in enriching the lives of those we serve. On behalf of all those who benefit from the work of the 21 Plus Foundation, I extend our deepest gratitude to the Foundation Board of Trustees, new and repeat donors, the programs, staff, and Board of Directors at 21 Plus, Inc., and the caring local community that has consistently demonstrated a commitment to the well-being of the individuals who live and work at 21 Plus. Thank you for your continued support. Richard Frankman, 21 Plus Foundation Chairman

21 Plus - Group Homes

The Foundation will assist 21 Plus with unmet needs with its focus on:

  • Providing for health, physical and medical needs
  • Supporting associates through training and education to facilitate skill acquisition
  • Building a strong core of 21 Plus associates
  • Improving program facilities and residential sites

Board of Trustees

21 Plus Foundation, Inc.

  • Richard Frankman
  • Ethan Rosen
  • Mary Norman
  • Zev Rosen
    Trustee, Chair Emeritus
  • Wendy Lubrecht
    Executive Director


  • Michael Alfaro
  • Ira Brower
  • Patricia A. Christopher
  • Allison Clemente
  • Barbara Faruggio
  • Ethan Rosen
  • Michael York