21 Plus
21 Plus - Ocean County

Mission Statement

The Foundation’s mission is to generate financial support to enhance the programs and vision of 21 Plus, Inc. while balancing those needs with the long‑term preservation of capital for the future.

What the 21 Plus Foundation has been up to:

The 21 Plus Foundation was formed in 2000, with its mission dedicated to generating financial support to enhance the programs and mission of 21 Plus, Inc., while balancing those needs with the long-term preservation of capital for the future. In 2020, the Foundation was happy to support the new 21 Plus, Inc. marketing strategy, which included a new and improved website as well as marketing materials that created a cohesive message. In response to the global pandemic, the Foundation partnered with 21 Plus, Inc. to match a crisis stipend for direct support professionals. The Foundation funded traditional employee appreciation events, including a virtual Employee Appreciation Day and the virtual Holiday Open House. The Foundation funded new patio furniture for the group homes, creating an appealing outdoor space where individuals could safely visit with their families and friends. Fundraising during a pandemic created opportunities to solicit support in new ways, using online appeals and a virtual event. We also solicited friends and supporters with traditional letter appeals. We are so grateful for the incredible support we received. The continued support from so many during a time of uncertainty is a testament to the many friends who continue to believe in the mission of 21 Plus. The mission continues into 2021, and the Foundation will be working closely with 21 Plus to meet the needs of the individuals served. How can you help? Donate whatever you can afford, volunteer to help, and include the Foundation in your will.

21 Plus - Group Homes

The Foundation will assist 21 Plus with unmet needs with its focus on:

  • Providing for health, physical and medical needs
  • Supporting associates through training and education to facilitate skill acquisition
  • Building a strong core of 21 Plus associates
  • Improving program facilities and residential sites

Board of Trustees

21 Plus Foundation, Inc.

  • Richard Frankman
  • Joel Geisler
  • Mary Norman
  • Zev Rosen
    Trustee, Chair Emeritus


  • Richard Askoff
  • Ira Brower
  • Patricia A. Christopher
  • Barbara Faruggio
  • Ethan Rosen
  • Jennifer Shufran