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Knowledge is power!

You may have heard that the Rutgers saliva test is now more widely available. This is true and we are proud that it was a New Jersey State University to develop this innovative test. Right now, DDD Developmental Centers are the only places where comprehensive testing is available. It is a pilot program testing 6,000 people and is not available for community providers yet, but we are hoping that they will expand testing soon.

Please keep in mind: Do not become complacent or have a false sense of security – a negative test today does not guarantee a negative test tomorrow. We must still follow the guidelines of universal precautions and hand washing. Assume that you and anyone you come in contact with tested positive.

Protocol for exposure and/or positive testing: If you have been exposed, you will receive a call from either back up on call or HR, depending on the time and day. PA’s are instructed to print the protocol, so you can see first-hand and read the protocol yourself. Knowledge is power!