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Know someone in need of a job?

Dear Family and Friends,

We are continuing to hire. We are doing so, safely and strategically, at sites with long standing significant full-time vacancies that have been taking a toll. Our peer agencies continue to hire as well.

Why? Hiring staff will allow us to reduce the risk of exposure and catastrophic staff shortages by:

  • Decreasing the need for staff to work at multiple houses.
  • This is a concern for all and the only way to reduce this need is to fill vacancies.
  • Decreasing staff from being overextended, getting run down, working unwanted or excessive overtime or getting stuck on shift. If a coworker gets sick or is out for an extended or unexpected period of time, there will be more people that can share the burden of hours (without having to pull someone from another house).
  • For the sake of our individuals, if a member of our staff gets sick, we need people to be able to work.