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Frequently Asked Questions


Here is some information that you might find useful while you are navigating the placement process.  Not all information will be applicable to each person.

DDD/DHS has a provider search that allows you to search for the supports you are looking for.  Please remember that even though an agency may provide services, such as medical LPN supports, a vacancy may not be currently available.  If you have trouble finding a good fit, reach out to providers in your area and they may be able to direct you.  This is a lengthy process, so we suggest begin your research sooner rather than later.


This link offers some good basic information on the fee for service structure that we are currently operating in (the actual dollars have changed but structure is the same).


This link, starting on slide 15, tells you what to expect during the placement process.


This is another helpful link for navigating the placement process.


Choosing the right Support Coordinator is an important step in the process.  We suggest finding an agency that is approved to approve their own plans, otherwise they need to go through DDD for approval, which can cause substantial delays.  The support coordinator is supposed to find all of the needed supports (and they are not doing their job if they are not).  If you decide that you are not satisfied with your support coordinator, you can change your coordinator or agency at any time.


Here is the link for the Community Care Program (CCP).  It explains all of the available resources, and is a good place to find what questions to ask and what to expect.  The more you know?  The better you will be able to advocate for your loved one.


Community Living Education Project | Center for Public Health Workforce Development

School of Public Health

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey | 732-235-3277 | 800-500-0448 | clep@sph.rutgers.edu |