Family Support Program

Social Opportunities
Our group social/recreation opportunities allow individuals time to socialize and have fun with friends. Programs are offered in the evening as well as on the weekends. New programs are offered throughout the year. RLC, SDDS and private pay are accepted.

We have events throughout the year! If you are interested in additional information, please call or email our Family Support Coordinator at or 732-240-3118 x 229.

Respite Services
Ages 3 and up

21 Plus, Inc. is able to ease the daily responsibilities of our family members who live with a person with a disability.

Our Family Support Coordinator will work with you to tailor the respite to meet your needs. We can provide respite in your home or in another location as a DDD, Real Life Choices qualified provider.

Contact us for more information regarding a short stay in an Adult Training Center, weekend companionship or after-hours recreation.

In Home Respite
Ages 3 and older

After School Recreation
Ages 14 & older

Weekend Companionship
Ages 14 & older

Adult Training Center
Ages 18 and older
Full time/Part time

All Ages

Respite can be provided on a private pay basis if you are not DDD eligible at this time.

Residential Services

Annex Apartments
21 Plus - Annex Apartments

Mizzen Avenue Group Home
21 Plus - Mizzen Avenue Group Home

Sapling Court Group Home
21 Plus - Sapling Avenue Group Home

The residential services at 21 Plus, Inc. are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities. Community access is vital to teaching people what the world has to offer. Each resident in 2007 experienced an average of 41 community activities to such destinations such as Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Radio City and Atlanta. 30% of our residents enjoyed a vacation to such destinations as Maine, North Carolina, Disney, and Hershey Park.

Each resident has an individualized plan with goals that they are working on throughout the year. All of these goals help the person acquire new skills or experience a dream that they have: for some it is the desire to work; for others it may be a vacation; for others it may be to cook a meal or do laundry independently. Each resident's plan is determined by his/her abilities and desires.

The staff in the 21 Plus residences coordinate all of the events of daily living that occur in the lives of the residents. All of our residents are expected to participate with staff assistance as needed in maintaining and decorating their own homes.

Vocational Services

21 Plus - Lakewood Adult Training and Main Street Adult Training Centers

21 Plus - Lakewood Adult Training and Main Street Adult Training Centers

Lakewood and Main Street Adult Training Centers

The focus of the Adult Training Centers at 21 Plus, Inc. is to provide community-integrated opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities. 93% of the candidates referred to Adult Training are admitted. The creative and coordinated efforts of the Adult Training Centers' staff continually encourage individuals served to embrace new opportunities. Adults participating in the program are provided with group and individual instruction in communication, socialization, community awareness and work skills. Socialization and choice, fostered through community outings, are provided in a natural setting for learning.

The people attending our Adult Training Center enjoy social activities from shopping to bowling and even take on hobbies of horticulture & photography. One group has taken the initiative and formed a Photo Club that meets weekly to take pictures of parks, lakes, beaches & trips. They actually held an exhibit at the Lakewood Branch of the Ocean County Library where they displayed their work. To their delight, the exhibit was viewed by visitors and area photographers who came and complimented their efforts.

The participants also experience the importance of volunteerism in the local community. This enables them to hone their job skills and provides them with much needed self-esteem. Over the years our adults have enthusiastically "given back" to local organizations including: Meals on Wheels, Adopt-a Shelf, nursing homes and Ocean County Hunger Relief.

The individuals in both of our programs go into the community and work in crews with staff guidance at local businesses. They provide small office cleaning services for which they receive an hourly rate of pay. In 2007, they worked at over 10 local companies. Other job opportunities in both programs include envelope stuffing and saleable crafts. The Craft Catalog provides a highlight of the items available.

Lakewood Adult Training Center: 732-364-0555
Main Street Adult Training Center: 732-341-0863


Supported Employment

21 Plus - Employment Support

CARF logo

Our Supported Employment has been CARF (Center for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accredited since 2004.Our program also received two exemplary statuses in the areas of 21 Plus Supported Employment Job Club. Supported Employment continues to offer opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities to be part of a team process in creating and fulfilling employment dreams. Intensive training and follow-along hours by Supported Employment staff made it possible for the individuals served to maintain their employment. 90% of individuals receiving Supported Employment services remain employed. The Supported Employment program at 21 Plus is available to employers throughout Ocean County.

If you are an Ocean County employer and would like to participate in our program, please contact: Erin Dockery at The following is list of employers responsible for the success of our program.

ShopRite N. County Line Road, Jackson, NJ
Ocean County Board of Social Services 1027 Hooper Ave., Toms River, NJ
Wawa 1600 Route 37 East, Toms River, NJ
Taco Bell 908 Highway 37 West, Toms River, NJ
Leisure Park 1400 Rt. 70, Lakewood, NJ
Friendly's Restaurant Ocean County Mall, Toms River, NJ