21 Plus Honors OceanFirst Foundation

The Annual Employee Luncheon was held on September 28, 2011. As part of the festivities, 21 Plus honored the OceanFirst Foundation for their significant impact on our programs. Their generosity helped us maintain and beautify our group homes and apartments, and we greatly appreciate their support!

Each year at the annual “Employee Appreciation Luncheon”, 21 Plus honors someone in the community who has had a significant impact on our programs. This year we chose the OceanFirst Foundation for their generosity in helping us maintain and beautify our group homes and apartments.

Amazingly, since 2004, 21 Plus has received $261,000 from the OceanFirst Foundation. These monies have resulted in:

  • 31 pieces of furniture including sofas, tables, dressers, and dining room tables;
  • 74 appliances ranging from toasters and microwaves to stoves and dishwashers;
  • Many technological purchases, including computers, printers, software, and alarm systems;
  • 3 minivans;
  • 112 beautification projects, which include but are not limited to: grounds maintenance, landscaping, linens, windows, and window treatments;

Trying to keep up with the replacement of furniture and home beautification isn’t easy with so many different sites. Our state funding doesn’t cover any of those items which means that keeping up with the neighbors and providing a nicely decorated and well-maintained home is a challenge for 21 Plus. The bottom line is: these things would not have been possible without the support of the OceanFirst Foundation. We are eternally grateful for OceanFirst’s advocacy as well as their on-going financial support!

Left to right: S Melore 21 Plus Inc; K Durante OFF; A. Socha 21 Plus, Inc. Board Treasurer